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Splendor All Around is a collective of musicians, artists, technicians and documentarians that performs and tours in a 1986 International diesel school bus called Splendor.  Splendor has taken three extended tours along the West Coast, breaking down numerous times and playing over 50 shows in caves, driveways, squat houses, churches, and, of course, the bus.

In 2016, Splendor All Around will be releasing a documentary feature covering the first three tours, as well as launching a collective record label: Splendor Records.  Our hope is to pioneer an artist-friendly hack to the music-industrial complex.  Laying out big maps, cutting through the Rocky Mountains, and bringing Splendor to the Eastern seaboard – look for us as we play shows across the United States this Summer.

Based in Berkeley, CA with satellites across the US, Splendor All Around is in the process of formalizing its long distance relationship with the IRS by forming a bonafide non-profit organization.  Part media house, part welding chop shop – we try to couple our digital and analog skills to produce an intimate and involved cultural experience.

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New Release

“5 Spirits” by Eliot Eidelman

January 2016

Eliot Eidelman’s new album “5 Spirits” is a thought rock masterpiece.  Daniel Day Lewis rides into town naked on a horse with this album in his fists before spreading eagle and ascending into the heavens.  El Paso is the safest city in America.  Laura is a holy, holy jam.  The complex drumming and liquid lap steel guitar accentuate Eliot’s masterful chord progressions, confident vocals and vivid lyrics.

Eliot and Evan (the Dogman) have baked, cooked, marinated, distilled and spiced a serious sound de jour.  Tyler Nuffer, slinky on the lap steel, adds a new dimension to the stream-crossing duo.  Tyler’s sound engineering is authentic and professional, instantly classic, way bigger than a submarine.  Noticeable sonic growth from the duo’s previous releases together – “The California Sun” and “The Shining EP”.

We’re eager to hear anything Eliot makes.  Jams and Lullabies.  This album is hot and classic.  Give it a hero’s listen.

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James Wallace

Nashville, TN

Rebecca Marcyes

Berkeley, CA

Oil Derek

Charlottesville, VA

Fadey Shades

Oakland, CA

Mikayla McVey

Berkeley, CA

Eliot Eidelman

Atlanta, GA

Salt Suns

Point Reyes, CA

Nat Rosenzweig

New York City, NY

Dave Deporis

Oakland, CA


Berkeley, CA


Berkeley, CA


Berkeley, CA

Splendor is a painted school bus that takes in diesel and expels a musical saga.  It’s now been spinning around guerrilla locations along California and the West Coast for over a year, with colored light displays welcoming people to come aboard.

The effects of the bus have turned us (a sundry group of songwriters from all over the States), into a gang of musical pranksters with songs that fit the space, beckoning folks’ attention and participation to hear worldly and otherworldly stories bounce off curved tin eaves of repurposed municipal transport.


Mini Splendor Tour

January 2016


Eliot Eidelman and Wiley Rogers will be packing into a green van and coasting down the California Scenic Byways en route to Montaña de Oro, Tijuana and the hills of Los Angeles. Playing in warm houses, farmers’ markets and library parking lots, Eliot (Guitar, Vocals, Composer, Writer, Beacon) and Wiley (BirdDog, Amateur Percussionist, Backup Singer, Ideator) will hopefully find themselves playing for you along the way. Look out for more information about the Mini Splendor Tour soon!

Splendor Records

February 2016


In February of 2016 we’ll be doing an artist residency at ZooLabs in Oakland, CA.  Over the course of two weeks, Splendor All Around will be planning the launch of a non-profit record label: Splendor Records.  In addition, Fadey Shades and Rebecca Marcyes will be recording in the ZooLabs studio! In May we’ll be starting a collective record label to promote artists, build unique venues and inspire people.  We will be releasing a series of albums from musicians across the country!  Get your record players ready!

United Snakes of America

April 2016


In April it’s NYC or bust for Big Blue.  Look for us in Joshua Tree, Tucson, Austin, Marfa, New Orleans, Nashville, Asheville, NYC, Vermont, Detroit, Chicago, and Colorado.  We will be playing with everyone we can and throwing a lot of shows along the way!

The Story of Splendor

Late 2016


The documentary feature film will trace the trials and triumphs of the first three West Coast Splendor tours. Captured with the intent of intimate engagement with each of the musicians, the film will be narrated by a series of interviews with the artists conducted at pivotal moments in Splendor’s history. Paired with footage captured throughout each of the three journeys, including incredible imagery from the interior of the bus shows.  The Story of Splendor will be released and directed by Adam “Ready” Richman in late 2016.


The Homelands Tour

September 2015


The third and most local Splendor Tour, the Homelands Tour, was a week-long sprawl from Oakland to West Marin in September 2015, inspired in part by the group’s desire to deepen its grassroots in the Baylands. With the AT545 transmission at full capacity, a fast-growing cast of minstrels (some old, some new, all baby blue) included two imported folk-hustling Virginians, a legion of Burner ex-pats, and a waitress from New Jersey.  Highlights included an unsanctioned show behind the abandoned Grandi Building in Point Reyes, an after-the-after-party midnight show for the Inverness Almanac community, and an impromptu rager in front and in honor of the recently-closed Sleeping Lady, a historic pub in the sleepy, suburban town of Fairfax. Special celebrity guest sets and a live 7 a.m. set on the KWMR airwaves kept us up all night and pining for more.

The Transmission Tour

April 2015


The Transmission Tour was initially conceived as a victory lap to celebrate our newly installed, third bus transmission, but it quickly took us as far south as Los Angeles and as far east as 29 Palms. We kicked off our first show in Kensington (once again) on March 29th, 2015. Soon, we were snaking our way down the twisty cliffs of California’s Pacific Coast Highway–much to the chagrin of local commuters, caught behind in a melee. Memorable stops at Swanton Berry Farm, the UCSC Student Trailer Park, and Poco Farm in Ojai had us in high spirits, but after a few days busking in Santa Barbara and muddling through L.A. traffic, the bus took a slow and desolate northern route to Joshua Tree by way of Pear Blossom Highway and Old Woman Springs Road. The nadir occurred at the end of Sunburst Road in a dry lakebed, twenty miles from anything living, after no one showed up for a show that none of us had told anyone about. We drove into the strange, sunbaked beauty of the High Desert arts scene, playing shows at Pappy and Harriet’s, the Joshua Tree Saloon, and the Sky Village Swap Meet. We made friends with the folks at High Desert Test Sites, mingled around Noah Purifoy’s assemblage art museum, scrambled granite boulder piles in the National Park, and sought refuge at Victoria Williams’s shaded desert oasis. The trip wrapped back around through L.A., and we played our final show at the Golden Gate Fields horse track on the Albany Bulb in the East Bay.

The Splendor All Around Tour

August 2014


Splendor All Around’s inaugural tour launched on August 5th, 2014 with a bus show in Kensington, California. The scrappy band of sleep-deprived musicians and logistical engineers organized and played tiny shows throughout West Marin, notably a DIY production at Gospel Flats Farm in Bolinas and a live set at the KWMR radio studio in Point Reyes Station. As they wound their way northward through the redwood trees of Northern California, an eerie mix of coastal fog and the smoke of a forest fire forewarned of misfortune to come. A few sparse miles across the Oregon state line, the bus’s transmission failed under the watchful light of a full moon. Baby Blue would have to linger behind in Eugene, beleaguered by a costly operation (installing the new Allison AT545 transmission), while the musicians ventured north in support vehicles. The zenith of the tour occurred between the salty shores of the Puget Sound, on Washington’s Orcas Island. There, an assemblage of Cascadians welcomed the weary travelers with open arms and rallied them for one of the greatest shows in Splendor history. After three weeks and 22 shows, the crowdfunded musical tour ended on Sunday, August 31st in a public park in Santa Cruz, California.

RIP Atrium Husk, LLC. © Splendor All Around (501c3 pending), 2015.
Snakeworm logo by Jeremey Yingling. Photographic credits to Whitney Freedman. Cinematography and web design via Adam “Ready” Richman. Gratitude to Wiley Rogers, the bus’s licensed owner.